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The talk with Courtney went all right, but not nearly as productive as Billy would have liked. He was quickly resigning himself to the idea that there couldn't be anything more than what they had, because of his being Captain Marvel. Compound that with the other problems he was having these days, and he found he needed someone to talk to. He didn't want to dump his problems on Mary, so he did the next best thing and called an old friend.

"Hey Freddie. You up for sodas? I'm buying." Billy says, leaving his buddy a message with the time and location.

He enjoys his first soda while he waits for his friend to show up.
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Sometimes, Billy Batson wishes there was a magic word to escape from his troubles. Oh, he can say "SHAZAM!" to stop being Billy for awhile, but eventually, he has to go back to being Billy and living Billy's life. As he flies across the state lines, wandering from place to place, he can't help dwell on several  Take, for example:

-He has a geometry test on Monday that he cannot fail, or it will pretty much sink his grade in that class for the semester, and make him ineligible to participate on the school paper.

-There's a school dance coming up, and he doesn't have a date. A few months ago,  he might have been overheard talking about how cool and pretty Courtney is by Peter "Bolt" Thompson, all-star school jock...and Billy's tormentor. Bolt challenged him to bring Courtney to the dance "to prove she isn't a blow-up doll or a figment of your imagination". This was met with raucous laughter by the other students in the cafeteria.

-Mr. Morris doesn't know if the station is being bought out by a competitor, and there's talk of eliminating Billy's segment.

-Shazam himself keeps mentioning an oncoming darkness that world will face in the coming year, but can't give him any details when pressed. He just keeps telling Billy to "be vigilant and be ready". Of course, Cryptic Wizard-Speak should be considered a foreign language in itself.

So is the state of affairs as Billy finally snaps back to reality in a city he knows well, seeing the old JSA Brownstone beneath him. A part of him would like to stop in and see Courtney, but with how he left the team, he isn't sure he'd be welcome. He thinks for a moment and gets an idea. Pulling his cell-phone from is pocket (he has yet to figure out how the lightning bolt knows not blow up his phone), he dials Courtney's number and hopes she'll speak to him, even though they've been out of touch. He gets her voice-mail and sighs, figuring this would happen.

"Courtney, it's--" he says, his lips tripping over his actual name. Shazam's STILL got that rule in place that he can't tell anyone who he is, Darn. Okay...

"Courtney, it' Captain Marvel. Look, I'd like to talk to you if you've got a minute. Give me a call and I can meet you anywhere you like. I hope to hear from you soon." he says, hanging up. sucks, even if you're the World's Mightiest Mortal. Billy flies on, slowly, hoping she'll call back soon.


Dec. 9th, 2008 07:04 pm
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It's... strange being back home.

The Bromfields, thankfully, insisted on letting him have his old room back. He doesn't like moving home again -- he's lived on his own for several years before all this happened -- but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

It's strange... like waking up from a coma, almost. He's been awake and aware the last two years, but he might as well have been asleep. Working as the Wizard... keeping the Rock of Eternity going... keeping the seven Sins imprisoned. It took everything he had.

It's strange returning to civilization again. Captain Marvel has it easy; he has the Wisdom of Solomon to help. But Billy is just Billy. And it'll take some time to get back to where he once was.

He moves to his dresser and checks the clothes... all several years old. He'll need to get some new clothes soon. But first, he'll need a new job.

He sighs and sits on his bed. This is going to take some adjustment.


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